Delivery Options

Delivery by courier Delivery cost for Italy up to 2 products 9,00 € from 3 to 5 products 11,00 € over 5 products 12,50 € Products, purchased in the Shop, will be delivered at the address indicated by the Buyer. However, the Buyer has the right to request the Product delivery to another person, whose residence or domicile is situated within the territory of the European Economic Community, except overseas territories. At the moment of delivery, a signature of an adult of over 18 y.o. will be required. We don't effectuate deliveries to mailboxes. For each order, made through the Shop, TRADEHOUSE issues an invoice for the shipped goods, sending it to the Buyer by electronic or postal mail, pursuant to Presidential Decree 445/2000 and Legislative Decree 52/2004. For the invoice issue, TRADEHOUSE uses the data provided by the Buyer in the order form. No change in the invoice will be possible after its issuance. The shipping expenses are charged to the Buyer, and are clearly indicated in the Shop and in the order form. The shipping rate depends on the total amount of a single order. Shipping costs may also vary depending on the destination country. All purchased Products will be delivered by Standard courier service, chosen by TRADEHOUSE, with delivery notification, from Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and public holidays. TRADEHOUSE is not responsible for unpredictable delays. The delivery times are approximate and don't restrict TRADEHOUSE that reserves the right to process your order according to their availability. Any delays in delivery, caused by the occasions of force majeure, can't give rise neither to claims for damages, nor to cancellation or to reduction and / or modification of the order. The occasions of force majeure include, for example, interruptions of the driving force, machinery breakdowns, rail service or traffic interruptions, strikes, and other circumstances not attributable to TRADEHOUSE. The delivery of the goods requires the presence of the Buyer or their representative at the address, indicated in the order. Upon delivery of the goods by the Courier, the Buyer is required to verify that the number of delivered packages corresponds to what is indicated in the transport document, and that the pack is intact and non-altered. Any damage of the pack and / or of the Products, or a wrong number of packages must be immediately reported by means of compiling a dedicated field included in the courier delivery report. Once the courier's transportation document is signed, the Buyer won't be able to make any objection about the external characteristics of the delivered pack. ABSENCE OF THE BUYER UPON THE DELIVERY In case of the package return at our office or of its storage at the courier office, the Buyer will be charged 50 Euros, considered as the storage expenses. If, for some reasons independent of your will, you were unavailable upon the Product delivery, you can contact the courier office of your city in order to agree on a subsequent delivery or on the package withdrawal at the courier office. TRADEHOUSE isn't economically responsible for packs left in storage at the courier office. The Buyer, having been unable to agree with the local courier office on the repeated delivery or on the package withdrawal, assumes the responsibility to bring the shipping to fruition. In case the courier fails again to deliver the pack to the Buyer, for the reason of absence of the last, TRADEHOUSE will contact the Buyer to agree on a possible Product return and to ask for reimbursement of storage expenses, as well as those of shipping (delivery to the Buyer and return to TRADEHOUSE). If the Buyer is not going to pay the expenses incurred by TRADEHOUSE, or is not contactable for an agreement, or, after having received our email containing the request for the imbursement of the incurred expenses, doesn't respond within a reasonable time period of 7 days, TRADEHOUSE will retain the goods as non withdrawn for non-compliance on the part of the Buyer.